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Patient Testimonials

"My father referred me to Dr. Ongko since I started complaining about lower back pain. My father also noticed that my energy level was very low. Since I began getting adjustments, my energy level has increased tremendously; as well my lower back pain has diminished from an everyday problem to once in a while. If you're looking to boost your energy and want to wake up in the morning feeling rested, then chiropractic care is for you."

- Margaret P.

"I had a knee injury during martial arts practice. Since the chiropractic adjustments, my knee feels much more flexible and less painful. I can now go back to normal exercises, martial arts and swimming again without feeling pain."

- Mounir A.

"I had a golf injury, and would have a fair amount of shoulder pain when I bent or played golf. After chiropractic adjustments, I am now able to work and play golf without shoulder pain. With chiropractic care, it is important to keep maintenance and appointments for follow up."

- Mohamed W.

"I had carpal tunnel syndrome on my right wrist and fatigue. The adjustments have improved both. If you give chiropractic a chance to work, improvements will be seen."

- Dan C.

"My son, Nathan, was constantly crying since he was 3 weeks old. I saw a program on the learning channel on how chiropractic care can help children with this problem. Ever since seeing Dr. Ongko, Nathan does not cry as often and is a lot happier. He is able to sleep seven hours through the night as opposed to three to four hours before chiropractic care started. If your baby has colic, see a chiropractor!"

- Sarah O. (about her 3-month old baby, Nathan)

"I was taking two Tylenol 3s every four hours to relieve my lower back pain that was shooting down my left leg. Since seeing Dr. Ongko, I have had greatly reduced pain in my lower back and down my left leg. I have been able to sleep better and I am now able to increase my work hours. I have told everyone I know about my success story and about the great people here."

- Richard D.

"At the start of the treatment program, Dr. Ongko could barely even touch my back and neck due to the high level of pain. I was persistent and the adjustments have reduced my pain and improved my mobility."

- Christine B.

"I lacked mobility in my neck and I also had low back pain. After seeing Dr. Ongko, I can now drive and check my blind spot without having to turn my whole body to view what's behind my car. My lower back pain is no longer chronic, and I have a great night’s sleep after my adjustment."

- Heather J.

"I was somewhat a skeptic of chiropractic care… To date, I continue to use Dr. Ongko's services and I have noticed great gains in my health, from decreased allergies to increased energy, my body has indicated to me that a positive change has occurred and whom I have to thank is Dr. Ongko."

- Natasha B.

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