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Posted on 02-06-2017

How to Stop Technology from Damaging Your Spine with Our Mississauga, Ontario Chiropractors at Active Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

In the previous blog, our chiropractors went over a problem that we continuously see in our patients: DIGITAL DEMENTIA. This is the idea that the advancements and over-utilization of technological devices has lead to a decline in posture, health and brain activity. Digital Dementia is becoming a widespread problem in the younger population as millennials are becoming more reliant on technology at such a young age. This has lead to not only pain and discomfort, but poor cognitive performance and early spinal degeneration. Now that we’ve come to realize the issue, research has shown some useful tips in order to prevent and stop the effects of Digital Dementia in our younger population.

man with back pain from using computer in Mississauga, ON

How to Prevent and Stop Digital Dementia in Children for the Surrounding Communities of Mississauga, Cooksville, Erin Mills, Meadowvale, and Streetsville, ON

Children should engage in at least 2-3 hours per day of active “play” in order to get the adequate sensory stimulation needed for proper development. Remember that there are four important factors that affect the cognitive development of a child. These include: movement, touch, human connection and exposure to nature. Simply putting them in front of a screen to play will not stimulate their brains enough. Limit the amount of time children spend on their devices and encourage them to go outside and play.

Have your child sit on an exercise ball or posture cushion while engaging with technology. They are moving and engaging their core muscles while sitting on the ball or cushion. This is much more beneficial for their structural development than being completely sedentary, like sitting on a couch/chair on or on the floor. This will play a huge role in how their spine develops and how it combats everyday stresses.

Take posture breaks. Take a few minutes every half hour to an hour and perform a posture break. You can perform this while on a chair. Lean back with a straight spine and open your chest with your arms out wide and draw the head back and down in order to tuck in your chin. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds each time you do it. While seated, the spine and shoulders tend to round forward, so you don’t want your muscles and joints to get used to this position for prolonged periods. Take the necessary breaks to reset your posture, and open your chest cavity against gravity to save your posture throughout the day.

Chiropractic Care can Correct the Damage of Your Spine from Technology

Digital dementia is quickly becoming a concern in our society, so it’s important that we are educated about the effects that technology can have on your spine, your health and YOUR BRAIN. Technology has allowed us to perform quicker and with ease, but it shouldn’t have to be at the expense of our health. Chiropractic can play a vital role in correcting the damage that technology has already caused on your spine. Our Mississauga chiropractors of Active Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre are here to help you get back on track to proper spinal alignment and help restore the normal function of your brain and nervous system. Contact us at (905)821-4951 to book an appointment today.

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