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Posted on 03-20-2018

Back to the Basics: What is Chiropractic Really About?

chiropractor meeting with patient with foot pain

In order to truly appreciate the benefits of Chiropractic care, it’s best to go back to the fundamental basics in the art of the Chiropractor. Being all about the spine, a lot of people can understand how Chiropractic can be very beneficial for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain and headaches. There is much evidence to show that Chiropractic is effective in alleviating such symptoms, but the benefits of Chiropractic expand so much more than these. It’s more than just the absence of symptoms, but we believe that every unique person has an optimal potential that they are being deprived of without an optimal spine.

The Spine as an Extension of the Brain

In order to best understand this, it’s better to think of the spine as an extension of the brain, rather than just a backbone. The brain plays an important role in controlling every function of every cell in our body, whether that includes our many organs, muscles, bones, immune systems, hormones, etc. In order to send the necessary signals to these cells, it’s important that the body has a properly functioning nervous system (brain to spinal cord to nerves), which is the very LIFE SOURCE of your body. All of this is regulated by the alignment and movement of the spine; serving as the pathway that allows all communication to flow. However, due to everyday stressors (mental, physical, chemical), the spine is subject to change in order to handle the stress better, especially the ones that we’re exposed to more regularly. As a result, the spine changes in its alignment (also called a subluxation) to compensate for these stresses. For some, this results in stiffness, discomfort and pain, but for EVERYONE it leads to interference, with or without the symptoms.

Even the slightest interference from the spine can change the brain’s ability to communicate with the body. This then manifests as dysfunction, where the body isn’t able to function at its normal capacity. As the body continues to compensate, it then leads to dis-ease, as the brain defends with a stress response, which eventually results in ill-health. But at the end of this spectrum finally comes PAIN, which is the final effect following a cascade of changes in the body. So it would make sense that only taking care of the pain (the effect), would not correct the problem completely. The wonder of the body is its ability to heal itself through the instruction of the brain. Pain serves as one of many signs that your body isn’t able to heal itself, that you’re not functioning at your full potential, and something is stopping it from doing so. Through chiropractor adjustments, the goal is to take care of the source of the problem, which is the subluxation. In doing so, it improves the body’s function, stops or prevents dis-ease, provides health and gets rid of pain in the process.

Mississauga Chiropractors Are Here to Help

Your Mississauga Chiropractors here at Active Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre do what’s necessary to improve the alignment and movement of the spine by correction and stabilization through adjustments. A great analogy that best represents the importance of the spine is comparing it to the FOUNDATION of a home. A foundation must be firm and strong in all its parts, otherwise the house as a whole would falter at the sign of stress. Your spine is the FOUNDATION of the body (the house), which allows life to flow through every room. That’s the power of Chiropractic. That’s what every necessary adjustment adds to life. Every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD deserves to live at their best, and there’s much to achieve through Chiropractic in improving the brain’s ability to communicate life into their body.

If you’d like to improve your health and see what a chiropractor can achieve for you, do not hesitate to contact us at our Mississauga office: (905)821-4951.

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