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Posted on 02-06-2018

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Woman dealing with flu symptoms

Maybe you’ve realized recently that more people have been hit by the flu bug this winter season than they have in the past few years. Recent statistics have shown that not only are more people catching the flu bug, but it’s happening at what’s considered an “unusual” time, hitting people much earlier than expected. There are two well-known strains of the Flu Virus circulating Mississauga right now, one peaking mostly in January, but the other expected to carry well into February. With more people experiencing the symptoms, it’s best that we take the proper precautions to make sure we stay healthy amidst this “unusual” flu season. Prevention is key at a time like this, and a natural and effective solution to preventing the flu is regular Chiropractic care with your local Mississauga chiropractor.

A Chiropractic Care Analogy

In order to better understand the complex work of the immune system and the effect of Chiropractic care, consider this awesome analogy:

Think about TWO green pastures right beside each other. The first pasture is left alone, as is, and the second has loads of garbage dumped all over it. The first green pasture has normal growth, normal wildlife living on it, and a luscious, pleasant appearance. The second pasture, filled with garbage, carries a disgusting stench, bringing in all sorts of rodents and other garbage-eating animals, with very little signs of growth. When we compare the two, it’s obvious that the second pasture appears that way because of all the trash that has accumulated on it. The first pasture needed very little help to thrive because it was set up to clean itself and stay well developed. This principle can be compared to the same development and design of the human body and the immune system. 

Continuing with this analogy, in order to get the second pasture anywhere close to the first pasture, the plausible solution would be to remove the bad things that are interfering with its natural design and development, in order to stay self-sufficient and functioning well. Some would think spraying chemicals on the second pasture would get rid of any unwanted bugs and setting traps against unwanted animals would get it closer to the first pasture, but this strategy would only get rid of these pests as a short-term solution. Eventually, they would find their way back to that horrible, stinky pasture until the very source of the interference is removed. The trash is the source of the interference. Removing the interference would allow the pasture to thrive and flourish the way it was meant to, just like the first one.

The Connection Between the Immune System and Chiropractic Care

Your immune system is regulated by your organs and turned on by cells through the bloodstream. Hormones play a crucial role in monitoring and mediating the immune system, all being controlled by the powerful and complex nervous system. This is why the spine plays a crucial role in regulating the immune system. The spine acts as an extension of the brain, allowing natural and free-flowing communication when one’s posture is ideal. The more the spine moves away from an ideal posture, the more interference stands in the way of the body’s normal processes, such as the immune system. 

A study in 2011 showed that there is a direct link between spinal adjustments and an increase in the cells that boost the immune system, called IgA. There was a HUGE increase of this cell by 139% within MINUTES after a spinal adjustment. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! We’re often given advice to eat properly, drink lots of water and rest well, especially when we’re combating a cold or flu. However, CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS are a VERY VERY VERY important aspect of improving your overall health from the inside-out. We’re not just talking about your immune system, but the way that every well-maintained function in your body is supposed to thrive and flourish, just like that pasture.

Schedule Your Appointment at Active Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Today

Your Mississauga Chiropractor is equipped with the tools to detect and correct/remove the interferences that are stopping you from functioning at your best. The flu is spreading like wildfire, and is definitely not a pleasant experience, so make sure you’re taking the proper steps to remove the junk that’s blocking your immune system and every other amazing function within your body. If you’d like more information or would like to consult with our chiropractors, feel free to call us at (905) 821-4951.

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