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Posted on 11-20-2017

Groggy man waking up

Mississauga Chiropractor's Perspective on Fatigue

As the holiday season approaches, amidst all the hustle and bustle, it requires a great deal of energy to get through the day. Are you the kind of person who is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted by the end of a work day? Do you find that, even with a great deal of sleep, you still wake up groggy and tired? Do you find it difficult to get through the day with energy? Are you reliant on multiple cups of coffee to help you survive your work shift? Are you missing out on quality time with your family because you just need a moment to lie down?

Fatigue or a general sense of low energy is a very common condition. The range of fatigue can start with a physical exhaustion when you wake up or by the end of the day and can escalate to mood changes and high irritability due to a lack of energy. Regardless of the nature of the condition, this is your body’s way of saying that systems in our body are just not working properly. There can be many causes or factors that contribute to a condition of fatigue, especially when it becomes more chronic. It can be a secondary symptom to another chronic disease that you may be dealing with or a side-effect of a medication. The most common reasons are due to sleep deprivation or leading an unhealthy lifestyle, where you’re constantly trying to “catch up” for what was lost. This can be due to a lack of nutrition or intentional exercise. Regardless, your body is warning you that something needs to change. The danger of ignoring these signals can lead to other complications, such as mood disorders, depression and other ailments. 

One common cause of chronic fatigue that is often overlooked is the effect of misalignments (subluxations) in your spine. Your body was meant to function at its best when your spine is in perfect alignment. However, with repetitive strain and stress to our spine (whether that’s physical, mental or chemical) can lead to changes and compensation in your posture and alignment. This causes your body to not only work harder than it was meant to, but also changes the pathway of communication from your brain to your body. When communication is interrupted, this interrupts the flow of energy throughout your body, creating imbalances that lead to mental and physical fatigue. When the communication is restored, flow works optimally to make sure systems in your body function at its best, especially systems like your immune system to prevent further disease.

The goal of chiropractic care spans beyond the care of pain and discomfort, but most importantly to restore the body to it’s full energy and healing potential. The energy is within you, it’s possible that there are changes in your posture and spine that are blocking you from using it. By correcting the spine and its alignment, this opens up pathways for proper flow of energy to your brain, muscle, joints and major organs/systems. Your Mississauga Chiropractor is willing to work with you to help you reach those energy potentials so that you can be your best at home, at work and doing the things you love the most. If you’d like to contact us or book an appointment to check what is causing stress on your body, call us at (905)821-4951. 

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