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Posted on 10-17-2017

What’s REALLY Causing Your Allergies? 

Did you know that there are actually more than four seasons in our local calendar? You all know about Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, but the fifth season we’ve all become accustomed to is ALLERGY SEASON. Often a reaction to the changing weather and the blooming plants, seasonal allergies usually present themselves in the form of sleep troubles, itchy eyes, mucous, and congestion, among other annoying symptoms.

Most studies and health care practitioners put the blame for allergies on the presence of pollen in our environment. To counter this, doctors prescribe antihistamines, which only serves as a temporary relief of the symptoms, along with the financial burden and potentially dangerous side effects. And then people often find themselves doing the same thing over and over again once the season presents itself. If ten people walked through a windblown field of pollen, recent statistics show that only three would be afflicted with allergy-type symptoms. However, there is one question to ask when thinking about the cause of these allergies: why do some people suffer from allergies and other people go unaffected?

This is where the medical model and chiropractic models present different strategies. Doctors will continue to prescribe medications that will help dampen, if not eliminate the SYMPTOMS so that people can go about their regular day without the annoyance their allergies bring. Chiropractors seek to educate that it’s best to find the CAUSE of the allergies that will not only get rid of the symptoms, but potentially stop them from coming back again (or at least to the same extent). Going back to pollen example above, we come to realize that it’s not the pollen that causes the seasonal allergies, or else all ten people would experience an allergic reaction due to exposure alone. Every person possesses an ability to fight against potential allergen stressors such as pollen. However, some people end up losing the fight. Those who don’t react to the pollen simply react and adapt to pollen differently through the function and health of the systems working within their bodies. Health and function receive instruction from the brain through the central nervous system.

The central nervous system directs the immune system’s ability to adapt and fight outside stressors like pollen, fur and other allergens. The reason why Chiropractors hold this to such high regard is because THE SPINE maintains an intimate relationship with the central nervous system by acting as the ONLY pathway for those directions to flow to the immune system, or any other function in the body. Therefore, improving function and alignment of the spine provides an avenue for better communication and healing. This was shown in a 2010 study as well that showed patients who received Chiropractic care experienced higher levels of immune-producing antibodies in their blood. These are the same antibodies that help reduce the effects of allergy stressors. 

Your Mississauga Chiropractor is committed to improving your health by improving the function of your spine so that you’re able to react and adapt to stressors in your everyday life. Those with an improved nervous system have an advantage over everyday stressors. Drugs do not heal or fix the cause of allergies. You deserve a solution that goes beyond temporary relief and may benefit a wide variety of health issues. Get your spine checked today by an experienced chiropractor! If you’d like to book an appointment or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (905) 821-4951.

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