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Posted on 08-28-2017

Core Strengthening: Relief & Prevention

Exercises that strengthen your core are beneficial to anyone and everyone when it comes to the health of your spine. The object of these exercises is not about the six-pack abs, but more about creating a solid foundation for the movement of your spine. The core of your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your body to keep in shape. Even if you don’t realize it, a lot of your everyday activities require the use of core muscles, whether it’s the regular household chores, your tasks at work, and most especially in any of the sports you play. If you’ve found everyday activities more difficult to do, a big part of it could be due to the weakness of your core muscles and your inability to activate them, eventually leading to pain and stiffness in your lower back. The core muscles all play a role in stabilizing your spine through movement, as they have direct attachments to the spine in some manner. Weakness in any of these muscles may not only lead to imbalance, but also causes compensation by overworking other muscles, especially the ones in your lower back. As a strategy to combat low back pain, whether acute or chronic, we equip patients with the necessary steps to improve core strength along with Chiropractic adjustments. This not only allows you to find the relief you seek, but also helps in preventing further injury in the future.

As mentioned, whether you notice it or not, your core muscles are activated in almost everything that we do. This includes bending down to pick something up from the floor, sitting at a desk, standing while cooking, working out at the gym and even throwing, catching or shooting a ball. Because your core is activated by so many everyday activities, it’s important that you maintain proper posture while doing them. This ensures that you’re using the proper core muscles at the right times. If you’ve ever discovered pain while bending down to tie your shoes, check to see if you’re maintaining proper posture and not overworking your back muscles while you’re doing it. Assess a lot of your everyday activities to see if you’re using proper form and posture, so that you’re activating all the right core muscles and not overworking some over others. When you’re sitting down for long periods of time, make sure to get up and move around so that your core muscles aren’t stuck in a position for too long, allowing them to stretch and reset for future tasks.

Just like most muscles, core weakness is usually a result of a sedentary lifestyle, and can only be improved by your effort to strengthen them. Just like with any workout, you wouldn’t want to start with more difficult exercises. Because your body must get used to the exercises, and most especially because of their attachments to the spine itself, it’s always best to start off light when working out your core, and progressing as you notice the improved strength. There are a wide variety of programs and exercises to target your core muscles specifically, whether it’s through yoga, sport-specific exercises and even sitting on a stability ball. However, it’s always best to consult with your Mississauga Chiropractor to ensure you’re doing the exercises that will benefit your specific lifestyle. If you’re looking for a great place to start, you can check out some very basic exercises and progress to some of the more advanced exercises as you get stronger.

Call our Mississauga Chiropractor Today for Help Building Your Exercise Routine

Your Mississauga Chiropractor is always concerned about eliminating the stresses that cause the subluxations in your spine. In order to adjust the misalignments that occur, it is our duty to educate you on how to adjust your lifestyle for an improved spine and improved health. If you have any questions or would like to take the first step towards improving your health, you can contact us at (905)821-4951 to book an appointment today.

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