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Posted on 05-17-2017

Preventing Back Surgery: A Chiropractor’s Perspective in Mississauga

Someone suffering from back pain due to basketball injury

It has been an entertaining year for the NBA playoffs, and it still seems like the Golden State Warriors are the team to beat. Despite their recent success on the court, for the majority of the playoffs they’ve been missing one very key ingredient: their head coach, Steve Kerr. In 2015, after winning his first NBA championship as a head coach, Coach Kerr opted for spinal surgery to fix his ailing back. The surgery at the time seemed to be a success, until two months later, Coach Kerr had to undergo another surgery due to complications from his first surgery. The surgery created a fluid leak in his spine, which caused him intense pressure headaches, dizziness, nausea and intense pain behind his eyes. Ever since then, Coach Kerr hasn’t been the same, as he continues to battle the consequences of the surgical complications, removing him from his team and coaching the sport he loves. Recently, Coach Kerr spoke out to the media in his absence, saying “I can tell you if you are listening out there: If you have back problems, stay away from surgery. I can say from the bottom of my heart REHAB, REHAB, REHAB.” 

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

This is one man’s story about his daily struggle with the complications of a risky procedure. However, research has also agreed with the words Coach Kerr had to say. A study published in the SPINE Journal (2013) focused on employees who were suffering from occupational spinal pain & injuries. The one outcome that seemed to have the biggest effect was WHO THEY FIRST SAW FOR THEIR BACK PROBLEM. The results of the study showed that 42.7% of those who first consulted with a surgeon opted for surgery within 3 years of consultation. In contrast, only 1.5% of those who first consulted a chiropractor ended up needing surgery. THAT’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE! In other words, if you go to see a Chiropractor first for your spinal problems, your chance for surgery drops drastically. This is great news, because now we can understand that spinal surgery can possibly be prevented, as well as all the complications and risks that come with it, as long as you seek out a Chiropractor first. 

Spinal pain, especially those due to occupational injuries, are one of the most prevalent injuries in our society, and has become a huge burden on our health care, especially due to the high cost of spinal surgery. Chiropractic has stepped in the forefront as a proven method to prevent and correct spinal dis-ease and discomfort. And as you can see from Coach Kerr’s struggles, the spine plays a huge role in the function of the brain and the rest of the nervous system, so any complication to surgery or injury can have dire consequences. The best way to approach and back or neck pain is to act quick before symptoms worsen.

Call Your Chiropractor in Mississauga Today

Seek your Mississauga Chiropractor first and they will take the time to properly assess, explain your condition to you and show you how Chiropractic will play a vital role in not only improving your symptoms, but to also optimize your spine and nervous system. If you’d like to come in for an assessment, don’t delay and speak to your Mississauga Chiropractor today! Contact us at (905)821-4951. 

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