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Posted on 12-14-2016

Quick! Take Our Mississauga Chiropractors Advice and Check Your Posture!    

If you are reading this, you are most likely on a technological device. Whether you are scrolling through your smartphone during class, or are seated at your desk at work, or are working from a mobile site with your laptop at a coffee shop, HOW IS YOUR POSTURE RIGHT NOW?

Are you sitting up straight with the screen that you’re reading from at eye level? Do you have both feet on the floor, your back against the back of the chair and your shoulders pulled back? Or most likely, you are like majority of the population, seated with poor postural design. Chances are that while you are on your computer at work or on your mobile device on-the-go, you have a slouched posture, you have been sitting more than a few hours, and are looking down with your neck in front of your shoulders, unable to sit up straight for more than just a few minutes at a time.

Mississauga Chiropractor helping a man with his posture

Poor Posture can Lead to Decline in Brain Function

If the latter describes you and how you sit daily for your occupation, school or even just at home, you could be suffering from a decline in brain function associated with prolonged sedentary FLEXOR DOMINANT POSTURE. Flexor dominant posture occurs when your shoulders round forward and your head and neck are shifted forward. This gives your upper back a C-shaped appearance. Although flexor dominant posture is a weak postural design, it has now become the new societal “normal”. Now, we don’t want you to confuse the word “normal” with “ideal”. Majority of people have flexor dominant posture, especially while seated. However, this posture is far from ideal!

Considering the average person is sedentary for 8 hours per day due to occupational requirements, sitting in flexor dominant posture creates a very large amount of stress to the head, neck, shoulder and the spine. We have seen adults and adolescents present with musculoskeletal symptoms, such as neck and back pain, associated with prolonged flexor dominant posture, and NOW more than ever before. In addition to this, what our Mississauga chiropractors are now seeing are common aches and pains from prolonged sitting with poor posture, is a decrease in brain function and overall function of the nervous system in communicating with the body.

Your Daily Posture Plays a Huge Role in Health and Wellness

Your daily posture plays a huge role in your health, not just in your appearance, but in how your body can function, especially your brain and nervous system. It’s always best to get your posture checked early, before these changes in how you sit or stand have a long-lasting effect on your spine and overall health.

Your Mississauga Chiropractors are here to help educate and equip you with the means to make sure you improve your posture. If you have any questions or would like to speak to any of our Chiropractors, do not hesitate to call at (905)821-4951.

Content by the American Posture Institute

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