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Posted on 11-22-2016

“Doc, I’m sick! I can’t come in for my adjustment.”    

Recently we have been receiving phone calls from patients who wanted to cancel their appointments. When we ask them why, the biggest reason is because they are feeling sick and they don’t want to spread their germs or illness to other people. We appreciate their concern, but what our Mississauga chiropractors want everyone to realize is that any time you are feeling sick or ill, it’s an important time to get a spinal adjustment. Often enough, patients have noticed that their immune system has been functioning better under chiropractic care. They have been experiencing less colds and flu, less sensitivity to allergies and improved breathing and respiratory function. A lot of this is due to the spine’s direct influence on the function of the nervous system. The nervous system sends signals to your immune system in order to regulate and create a health environment for your body. When the nervous system is blocked, or distracted by subluxation, the communication to the immune system is affected; therefore, your body isn’t able to respond to illness as efficiently.

child with fever sleeping

Research on how Chiropractic Care can Help with Cold and Flu         

Studies have shown the direct communication between the nervous system and the immune system can be influenced by a single adjustment. A messenger exists (called IL-2) that both systems use to send information to each other. After a single adjustment, studies showed that levels of IL-2 increased, showing improved communication from the brain to the immune system, and better preparing the body to respond to sickness.       

Studies have shown that endocrine glands have direct communication with the brain through the nervous system. When the body is under stress, a stress hormone called cortisol is released by endocrine glands and into the body. Although the body uses this to respond to stress, it actually weakens the immune system (which shows how stress is harmful to the body). This response can persist if there is a subluxation within the spine. By removing the subluxations via chiropractic adjustments, the body is no longer in a stressful environment; therefore, signaling to the endocrine glands to stop producing cortisol and stop its disturbance of the immune system.         

Studies have also shown that the body is well equipped to fight against disease with regular chiropractic care. After a single adjustment, immunoglobulin counts increased in individuals. These are the many defenders that fight and destroy any harmful pathogens in your body that cause disease. When you are feeling sick, chiropractic adjustments can give you a helpful BOOST to increase counts of your immunoglobulins and better preparing you against sickness.

The take-away from these studies is that chiropractic adjustments can remove the subluxations that are distracting your nervous system and its communication with the immune system. To help get over a cold or flu, coming in to see your chiropractor is a great idea, to better prepare your body through these stressful times. Adjustments will give you the BOOST your body needs.

Aside from getting your chiropractic adjustments to improve your resistance against infection, what else can you do? 

To start with, you should consider what you put in your mouth.  Choose your fats carefully.  Opt for unsaturated vegetable fats rather than saturated ones from animal foods, which may decrease the white blood cells ability to destroy bacteria.  One should also avoid hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, which are often found in baked and processed foods.  Research has also found that sugar can impair your body’s white blood cells from deactivating or killing bacteria.  Try instead natural sweetener such as stevia, and avoid calorie-free alternatives such as aspartame. Your immune system also responds to exercise by more blood cells production, which helps to attack bacteria. 

Recent research shows that moderate exercise five to six days a week can reduce your cold and sore frequency by half.Get adequate sleep.  Sleep is the time when your immune system regenerates.  Some 5-7 million Canadian adults suffer from sleep disorders or the inability to stay awake and alert.  Studies have shown that T-cells, immune cells for the body goes down with sleep deprivation.  Get your needed sleep and stave off nasty illness such as the flu. Our Mississauga chiropractors work hard to make sure your body is functioning at its best. Give Active Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre a call at (905) 821-4951 to book an appointment with us today!

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