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Posted on 03-17-2016

People are often in shock when we tell them that even kids come into our clinic for adjustments. The next question they usually ask is “how young are we talking about?” In our clinic we have seen a wide variety of children come through our doors, from newborns to adolescents. Chiropractic care is for everyone! What we need to realize is that your spine has been exposed to stress starting at the very moment you were born. So it would make sense to get your spine checked even at a very early age.

Childbirth in itself is the most wonderful miracle of the human body. However, it is also the first instance of physical trauma that the baby is exposed to, so you can imagine the effect it would have on the spine and consequently, the nervous system. What we call a normal or natural birth actually exposes the spine, and especially the neck, to a lot of pull and pressure as the baby is being delivered. So wouldn’t it make sense that the spine is already subject to subluxations even at the moment of birth? What’s shocking is that a lot of the problems we experience as adults are usually because of uncorrected subluxations we experience as children, even as early as childbirth.

Getting your child checked by a chiropractor is especially important as the child develops. Unwanted stress on the nervous system can stunt a lot of normal childhood development either physically, mentally or chemically. Subluxations as a child can also be caused by normal milestones in their development, such as crawling, walking, running and other important activities. Even when children become more active as they grow older, the physical trauma from their activities can subject them to subluxations as well.  So it’s important to address these issues at an earlier time so that they don’t develop and progress into something much worse and more permanent as they grow older.

Often enough, parents bring their children into our clinic to deal with excessive crying, also know as colic behaviour and is your child’s response to a subluxation in their spine. Chiropractic has also shown to be beneficial for the strength of the immune system, especially those in children. So if you’re noticing that your child is more susceptible to colds, infections, etc., it would be a great idea to get them checked by a chiropractor. The intention of chiropractic is not to treat the disease. The main goal is to remove the subluxations to ensure proper function of the nervous system, which allows the body to naturally heal itself. 

The power of chiropractic has proven to be very beneficial for our younger generation. Your Mississauga Chiropractors would love to help your children become their best, and allow them to function at their fullest potential. For more information or to book an appointment with us, please call (905)821-4951.   

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