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Posted on 04-09-2015

streetsville mississauga chiropractic care for back painAs spring comes to Mississauga and Streetsville, more and more spring-related activities tend to appear and each one of these can have a positive, as well as negative impact in regards to your health. Excessive and unprepared lifting objects and moving them from one place to another might not be the best thing you want to do if you want to promote spinal care, but thankfully there are a few things you can do in order to avoid back injuries and back pain in Mississauga so you can stay healthy at all times.

In order to take care of your spine, a very good idea to prepare for the spring activities, be it sports or gardening is to perform warm-up sessions. This way you will reduce your chance of back injuries dramatically.


When gardening, you need to use proper lifting techniques. For example, if you have to bend down in order to pick any item, make sure that you never bend your waist as this can hurt your spine.  Instead, bend your knees while maintaining your back straight and upright, since this will reduce the spinal stress.  This simple technique places all the pressure on your legs and not on your back.

Another thing you might want to avoid while gardening is to avoid bending and twisting or reaching items that are located too far from you. Instead, make sure that you get all the items near within your reach, because twisting and bending can hurt your spine, especially if you do it often.  Moreover, rest from time to time, because this allow you to avoid fatiguing your muscles.  Many severe spinal discs injuries occur when the muscles that surrounds the spine is fatigued.

Do not try to finish everything in one short duration in one day.  Instead, try to space your work load out over many days.

Golfing and other activities

In the case of golfing, you need to practice because poor techniques can bring strains on the back, and that’s something you want to avoid. The main idea when it comes to golfing is that you need to work on the core strength as this will help you build up your strength in an efficient manner.  No matter the type of sports that you want to perform, it’s very important to have the right equipment because you will prevent further injuries and protect your body while performing those physical activities.  With these simple steps you won’t have a problem protecting your spine, instead you can take full advantage of the spring time!

Please give our Mississauga chiropractic office a call at 905-821-4951 if you would like to know how our chiropractor can help you with strengthening your spine and helping with your back pain. 

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